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True · Tales · of · Convention · Terror

Fear the bathroom 'Kenshin'...

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Ok so this isn't really a tale of terror for other people who watched it. But experiencing it was quite frightening. This took place at Otakon 2005 so without further ado I give you...

So on Saturday night Fate, my then fiancee, and I split up to do a little wandering on our own. He's dressed as Count D from Pet Shop of Horrors and I'm dressed as game version Tifa. Everything's going fine until it comes time for me to try and find my wayward fiancee. So I start looking and eventually sit down to take a break. Some random person walks up for a picture and I oblige. Behind him was a kid dressed in a blue and white Kenshin-esque outfit. Nothing out of the ordinary right? Wrong... After said photographer and I strike up a conversation about Final Fantasy XI 'Kenshin' wiggles his way into the conversation and right up next to me. Ok that's creepy in and of itself but I did expect guys to be a bit close given my costume. Well after the conversation with FFXI guy is over he wanders off and I'm about to go on my merry way after making up an excuse to 'Kenshin' about needing to find my fiancee to go back to the hotel with.

Completely out of left field he starts into how he was wearing a 'makeshift' costume. While I'm going "WTF? Where did this come from?" he's going on about how a walmart bedsheet made the top and some sort of towel like looking material made the bottom. But this isn't his good costume... Oh no. He's got a traditional authentic ancient costume at home made out of real fabric from that era. Right... I'll believe that when I believe you're not a bit off in the head kid. So anyway I start to sort of back away, again excusing myself to find my fiancee and he starts following. With promises that he'll help me find him and would I like to go to the dance in the meantime with him. I say no and start off again only to have him following again. More offers of tagging along to find him and now asking if I want to see his art.

So after a good twenty minutes of him following me around I make up a quick excuse of having to go to the bathroom. We still haven't found Fate yet so I'm practically desperate to get away from creepy follower boy. So what does he do? Waits outside the bathroom while I hide out inside for a half an hour. I kid you not as I had a watch on and timed it. Finally he saw a girl in a skimpier costume and started following off after her chattering away. I feel bad for whatever girl that was but at the same time I'm glad he left me alone.

My words of advice? Fear the bathroom 'Kenshin'... He's scary.

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